About Us

Find Cash Buyers NOW is a revolutionary new product that has taken the real estate industry by storm!!Find Cash Buyers NOW is a product that was developed to help real estate entrepreneurs to identify the most active cash buyers in their local area. In addition, the system was developed to then assist our clients to effectively market to these buyers and to create a powerful buyers list in any market condition.

Find Cash Buyers NOW was developed by Kent Clothier in conjunction with his partner Heather O’Brien founder of REI Hub. The Find Cash Buyers NOW system is the foundation of successful investing by many real estate investors nationwide.

Kent Clothier is the Founder and CEO of 1-800-SELL-NOW and, along with his family, is a very successful investor in the Memphis, Tennessee area through their organization – MemphisInvest.com.

Using the Find Cash Buyers NOW System, Kent and his family have become one of the premier investment companies in the United States. Their core focus is on wholesaling cash flow properties to investors from around the country. This successful investment business has now bought and sold over 1500 properties since 2005 in the Memphis, Tennessee market.